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How to stop your brain hijacking your happiness

From childhood and throughout adulthood our thoughts, behaviours, beliefs and values are shaped, they sit in our subconscious mind.   These brain programs are the foundation to everything we do, how we think, what we say, and how we act.  For the most part this is helpful, however, our primitive brain will continue to use information that is not reality, and no longer helpful.  It … Read More How to stop your brain hijacking your happiness


The Gift of Gratitude

When we take pleasure in the things that bring us joy, the things that make us laugh, smile, or sigh with heartfelt warmth, that is the simplest form of gratitude. Gratitude brings many gifts to our lives; which could be beneficial to one or more of emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental health and wellbeing.  Showing and feeling gratitude can occur at a subconscious level, or may … Read More The Gift of Gratitude


The Magic of Mindfulness

When did you stop noticing the wonderful things around you, within you, and beside you? When did you stop dancing? If you’re life is mainly rushing by at a 100 miles an hour, and you’re somehow just not content or happy with you lot, my friend, you need to explore the wonderful world of mindfulness.