Heal deeply as you awaken the energies of your mind, body and spirit with Alison.

Your healing time with Alison aims to bring peace and joy into your life through using a combination of Reiki and holistic therapies, helping you to
relax, balance and heal.
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Advanced Reiki Master
Professional Therapist

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Alison is a holistic therapist, Reiki Master
and teacher 

She works across mind, body, & spirit to bring about deep healing for her clients, known as her
‘360 Method’

Alison brings all of her experience as a professional therapist and combines energy, sensory & psychotherapy techniques to this healing experience

Healing Sessions

Talking therapy combined with psychotherapy and Reiki
The ultimate Healing Therapy

You can choose how you work with me depending on your needs.
You can choose PAYG therapy sessions – allowing you to dip into therapy when you need it.
These single sessions are designed to support you after ‘in the moment’ stressful life events.

Alternatively, book a block of 3 sessions up front and you’ll get an extra 20 minutes of treatment time added, free of charge.

Each session will start with talking therapy and be completed with a Reiki treatment,
Note: Reiki only sessions are listed further down

PAYG – 90 minute session

Block of 3 x 90 minutes
£262 (includes 20 minutes FOC)

heart chakra
Alison wants to ensure everyone who needs healing can access it, if you need healing and you can’t afford to pay, sign up HERE for free support on offer

Healing Day

Your day at Mulberry Lodge in the peaceful countryside
£273 – contact Alison to book at britishreikicircle@gmail.com

find out more about this wonderful day further down the page


In person treatment:
60 minutes £60
90 minutes £87

Distance treatment: 30 minutes – £45


Chakra & Aura cleanse & balance

Full body standard Reiki healing

Crystal Reiki

Intuitive healing session

Bespoke* treatment or tailored to your needs on the day
*Bespoke treatments require a pre session consultation
and can include Reiki on its own or combined with healing meditation, aromatherapy massage, EFT (energy point tapping), crystals, & sound therapy

Exclusively for Reiki Practitioners & Reiki Masters

Spiritual nourishment Reiki meditation + Advanced Reiki treatment 
60 minute appointment £65

*Intuitive Healing
80 minute appointment £85

* This wonderfully nourishing treatment starts with a consultation and energy scan followed by your treatment, which may include two or more of the following;
healing meditation, aromatherapy massage, crystals, Reiki & sound therapy

Read an overview of Alison’s approach & client testimonials 


Your Healing Day

If you choose to have a healing day with Alison, this will go through several stages, it will be personal to you, your needs and your healing requirements.


Reiki Healing Meditation

In this powerful and special stage, Alison will take you through one of her Reiki healing meditations.  You will also receive guided meditations in your healing life pack. Neurological science has proven the positive and lasting effects of regular meditation on the mind; helping to relieve stress, anxiety and depression.


Life Review – talking therapy

We simply cannot move forward or heal if we are holding onto something that causes us fear and pain, sometimes this is rooted in the subconscious or even unconscious mind.  This is your time, you don’t have to plan ahead what you want to talk about.  I often find that once clients start talking, the direction intuitively finds its own way.  Alternatively, you may feel strongly about ridding yourself of significant, traumatic, events in your life with Alison.
This is deeply healing on a spiritual level too, and necessary to free your heart and mind.
The healing meditation will help you with this stage.


Relaxation of mind & body

Alison will start the next stage with specific breathing techniques, followed by essential oils and therapeutic massage to ease your mind and body into relaxation.
You can choose the type of massage you have.
This stage is essential to open you up to the sensory input to come.
Aromatic oils have been used for thousands of years to soothe, stimulate and heal the mind and body.  Massage is a great soother and also plays a vital role in supporting your body to detox, ease from aches and pains in the muscles, promote good circulation, and boost the immune system.  You’ll be given self massage routines in your healing life pack.


Sound Healing 

In your relaxed state, Alison will bathe you in healing sound aligned to your needs.


Chakra heal & balance with Crystal Reiki

 You will then receive a Crystal Reiki treatment.
This is an ancient, natural and gentle, method to raise the bodies energy frequency to promote healing and relaxation.  Combining Reiki with crystals creates a powerful treatment that supports the balancing of your chakras (core energy system), and the purging of any negative energy within your mind and body.



Your day will end as it begun in talking therapy.  Here you will reflect on your healing experience throughout the day.  Alison will support you in your continued healing journey.


Healing Journey

You will receive a discount on our British Reiki School courses and our Health Programmes so you can continue your healing journey, should you feel guided to do so.


Book your healing day with Alison
at britishreikicircle@gmail.com

Brought to you with love and the highest of ethical practice

The healing rooms can support a whole range of conditions and challenges, including:

Relax and rebalance after a busy or stressful day or week
Relieve or heal pain in the body
Support health recovery from accidents or surgery
Bring peace and pain relief from terminal illness
Boost your energy levels
Support recovery from depression and anxiety
Overcome insomnia
Ease or remove the occurrence of panic attacks
Improve self esteem
Remove nervous tension
Heal digestive problems
Heal migraines/severe headaches
Break unhelpful patterns of cognitive behaviour
Stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems
Heal from bereavement or loss
Support relationship recoveries

“To provide someone with a safe space to relax and feel nurtured is immensely rewarding, my aim is always for people to leave happier and more at peace”

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