Alison is the founder of the British Reiki Circle (BRC), and was first attuned to Reiki in 2006.  Qualifying as a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho Advanced Reiki Master & Teacher with the
International Centre for Reiki.

Alison is also a Crystal Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist and is a CIPD qualified trainer.
The BRC offers courses in ‘Reiki Practitioner’, ‘Reiki Master’, ‘Master Teacher’ & Crystal Reiki alongside
‘Reiki 4 Me’ and ‘Crystal Reiki 4 Me’ for personal use.

Once you have taken your training with me you will have lifetime access to the course and any updates, plus access to a Practitioner community – a safe space to discuss your progress, ask questions, be inspired, and access Reiki shares and swaps.
You will also have access to special offers, not available outside this group.
love & light,

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Start your Reiki journey

Reiki School Courses:

Reiki Practitioner Level I (Shoden)
Reiki Practitioner Level II (Okuden)
Reiki Master Practitioner – Level III (Shinpiden)
Reiki Master Teacher – Level IV

Crystal Reiki Practitioner – Level I
Crystal Reiki Practitioner – Level II

Don’t want to become a practitioner, but still want Reiki in your life?
No problem, take a look at my unique ‘4 Me’ courses & ceremonies:

Reiki 4 Me
Crystal Reiki 4 Me

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For further information or to book a private class, contact Alison at 

Your Learning

Join Alison at the British Reiki School for a wonderful Reiki journey.

Students have helped me co-design a better way of learning through their stories, experiences and feedback.  I bring to you a balanced and blended learning experience, where you are invited into our Reiki family, who will be there with you on your journey, for as long as you wish.

You can learn at a pace to suit yourself, from the comfort of your own home.
You can go back to the learning as often as you like to recap.  You’ll benefit from video demonstrations, downloadable guides, illustrations & presentations.  All of which are regularly updated with new material that you will have access to at no extra cost.

If you choose a private or small group ceremony, you will join Alison for an in-person experience.  Alternatively, you may choose a distance ceremony*, if your circumstances, preference, or budget don’t allow for an in-person ceremony.

*Distance ceremonies are all done live over video or voice call.
This is possible because of the way Holy Fire III ceremonies are performed.

Course prices & links:

Choose your course & start today, then add the ceremony of your choice
See the section, ‘Ceremony Details‘ , for information on what’s included 

Reiki Practitioner Level I (Shoden) £131  Enrol now
Reiki Practitioner Level II (Okuden) £173 Enrol now 
Private ceremony + £180
Small group ceremony + £95 each
Distance ceremony (included in course price)


Reiki Master Practitioner Level III (Shinpiden)
£393 – Enrol now
There are 4 ignition ceremonies held over two days  
Private ceremonies  + £270 
Small group ceremonies + £180 each


Reiki Master Teacher Level IV – £149
You must have completed your Holy Fire III Reiki Master Practitioner to do this course,
you will be asked to provide evidence of your certificate if you haven’t trained with Alison.
Becoming a Teacher of Reiki is a big step, it should be covered fully, from both a professional and spiritual angle, so that you are fully prepared for your journey as a Teacher,
and so that you can provide the very best for your students, who are on their own Reiki journey.

Ceremony scripts & preparation plans
Lesson plans
Learning styles & preferences
Finding your preferred teaching style
Setting up your school, and much more…
Scheduled Mentor call with Alison
Downloadable guide & certificate

Ceremony Details:

Private 1:1 ceremony in person with Alison 

Level I & Level II – allow up to 3 hours
Reiki Master Practitioner – allow up to 3 hours each on 2 days

This option includes:

Holy Fire III attunement ceremony 
Reiki treatment
Experience share & personalised teachings
Printed certificate & lineage
Online learning materials
Access to your Reiki family community

Small Group ceremony in person with Alison

You can bring up to 3 people with you for a special group ceremony

Level I & Level II  – allow up to 2.5 hours (depending on group size)
Reiki Master Practitioner – allow up to 2.5 hours each on 2 days

This option includes:

Holy Fire III attunement ceremony
Experience share & group teachings 

certificate & lineage upon completion 

Online learning materials
Access to your Reiki family community

Group sessions held seasonally

Distance* ceremony – live via voice or video call

Level I & Level II – allow up to 40 minutes

This option includes:
Holy Fire III attunement ceremony (via voice or video call)
Online learning materials & access to Alison & your Reiki family community

*Attunements to Holy Fire III Reiki does not require hands on from your Reiki Master
which makes distance ceremonies possible & just as effective.


Reiki 4 Me

This Holy Fire III Reiki attunement is meant for personal use only, as such the cost is kept to a minimum for the initial placement.

Private in person ceremony: £60
Distance ceremony: £45

find out more
Start learning more today for free

If you wish to become a certified Reiki Practitioner, these courses are listed above



You must have undertaken Reiki at either Level I or Level II
(aligned with the course you are taking).
You will need to provide evidence of your certification.

Private class with Alison at Mulberry Lodge

Allow up to 4 hours
Level I & Level II private teachings
private attunement ceremony
online learning portal & guide
printed certificate
£327 – includes online course fee and the private teaching with ceremony
To start, register for the courses below and pay the balance of £182 on the day

Distance learning

Study anywhere in the world at your own pace

Level I Crystal Reiki Practitioner
Online learning portal
Downloadable manual
Certificate upon completion

 £85 – contact Alison to discuss 0784 3478399 or start today

 Level II Crystal Reiki Practitioner
Online learning portal
Downloadable manual
Distance attunement ceremony
Certificate upon completion
£97 – contact Alison to discuss or start today

Working with Crystals

Working with Crystals for beginners 
Learn about crystals with this fantastic foundational course.
Learn through our online learning portal
Downloadable manual available

Available worldwide
£14.99 – START TODAY

Want to use the beautiful energy of Reiki along with crystals?
Find out more about ‘Reiki 4 Me’ & ‘Crystal Reiki 4 Me’

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Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well being, Well being is freedom from disease” ~ Dr Mikao Usui.


Alison’s commitment to her students 

I aim to provide the best learning experience for all of my Reiki students, as such I ensure that materials are regularly reviewed, updated, and new material added where it enhances the learning. 

I aim to provide a balanced and blended learning environment, taking into account different learning styles, personal choice and on-going support needs.

I continue to be creative and curious, both in how Reiki can be used and the broader practice of energy healing and the subtle body.  I will openly share my findings with our ‘Reiki Family’. 

What is Usui/Holy Fire ® III Reiki?

Holy Fire is a more recent Reiki that has a higher vibrational energy.  It was brought to the fore by William Lee Rand in 2014, and was initially introduced by the International Centre for Reiki Training.  It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance.  There are an increasing number of positive research studies into Reiki and its efficacy in practice, including double blind scientific studies. 

Alison holds Reiki teachings for all levels of Reiki.  You will also find uniquely designed classes by the British Reiki Circle to make Reiki attunements accessible for different needs and purposes.  Private classes are held upon request, in the East Yorkshire countryside of Skelton – what is Reiki?


Every Reiki practitioner can trace their lineage back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. 

Reiki Master Lineage


As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I make sure I give myself boosts of energy and healing Reiki, along with practices of meditation, yoga and Tai Chi on a regular basis to maintain equilibrium.

Reiki energy is not equal in all practitioners, even if they have had the same Reiki master teacher.  To channel the energy to higher vibrations one must commit to a Reiki lifestyle, which includes practice, meditation, giving and receiving Reiki, aspiring to the Reiki ideals, and possibly some lifestyle changes to your diet (if you want to tune in at a higher level).

wishing you love and light,

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