Tapping (or Emotional Freedom Technique) has its roots in Thought Field Therapy, and is one of those wonderful energy medicines utilising the energy within our bodies, with a little bit of brain reprogramming.  Find out more along with lots of techniques you can try yourself

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EFT – The back story

Made popular in the Western world by Gary Craig, this amazing technique has thousands of case studies where people have healed emotional, physical and mental illnesses.  I have found in my own practice that EFT used alongside coaching provides a powerful therapeutic intervention.

What is it?
This has sometimes been called a psychological version of acupuncture, in that it involves making contact (in a systematic way) with a number of acupuncture points. Usually this is by tapping on these points, while you focus on a specific feeling, thought or image. The specific points to tap are the end-points of the major meridians (meridians are believed to be channels of subtle energy which flow through our body).

What can it do?
This technique has been found to be helpful with variety of unpleasant, uncomfortable or distressing feelings. Many people have found that it has helped them to relieve strong emotions, such as anxiety, anger, sadness or guilt. It can be helpful both with feelings that would be expected to ease naturally over time and also with long established feelings (such as phobias or post traumatic stress). In addition, some people have found it helpful with troublesome physical sensations, such as pain, dizziness or cravings.

Who can use it?
Your coach is an EFT practitioner and you can book separate sessions to work on particular issues or challenges.  Some issues have many layers and are complex to resolve on our own, your coach will use a blend of coaching and EFT to support you to overcome a specific issue or challenge.

With some instruction, it is possible for anybody to make use of this technique. Although most people choose to tap on themselves, it is also possible to allow someone else to tap on you.  One common example of this is to tap on young children who are in distress.  A use of a button bear can help with this, essentially a teddy bear with button on the tapping point so that children can see where to tap for themselves.

What can help it work?
Being well hydrated can make E.F.T. more effective, so consider drinking a glass or two of water before you begin, if you think you are dehydrated. When you tap, hold the intention of where you want to be, and believe that what you are doing will help (it’s a psychology thing).

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A tapping case study

Last year I worked with a young lady who had already tried numerous other therapies to gain control over her anxiety.  Psychologically, we know that feelings such as anxiety and anger are rooted in fear, for this lady the was fear of ‘not being good enough’.
At our first session I asked her to go back to the first moment that she recalled feeling anxious; and using coaching techniques with a little psychology know how, we explored the totality of the event.  I combined the coaching with tapping, and taught her how to tap for herself.  I recommended a specific setup statement and a simple tapping sequence to be done every morning and night.  I also showed her the the fear tap (shared below) to use if she was in public and needed a ‘quick fix’.  At the next session I was delighted to hear that there was already marked improvements, recalling how an event that would normally have made her particularly panicky, didn’t even raise a flutter in her stomach.  Improvements continued and through coaching and tapping she was able to get her anxiety under control.  This may sound like a small thing, but anxiety can affect a person’s whole life, and everyday.  Left untreated anxiety can often turn into depression and reclusive behaviour. Being relieved from the weight of anxiety, or even having it reduced, is a major breakthrough.  I speak here from my own experience, not just that of a practitioner.

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Localised tapping sequences

By tapping certain pressure points it is possible to calm the nervous system and send signals to the brain to control the stress response.  It can also help to soothe a worrisome mind and feelings of anxiety.  I find the following methods to be really effective:

Brow Tap 

  • Tap gently 15 times just above the brow chakra
  • Now apply pressure and rotate the finger in circular
  • Repeat 3 times.

Collarbone Tap 

  • Tap 6 times just below the collarbone
  • Apply pressure and move your finger in circular motion for 10 rotations
  • Repeat 3 times

Sternum tap & hum 

  • With your fingers or fist, tap your sternum whilst humming
  • Focus on the sound of the humming whilst you tap 
  • Do this for about 30 seconds to a minute.

This is a good tapping routine to add morning and night, and whenever you need it in the moment.

Heart Chakra Fear Tap
fullsizeoutput_3aeThis calms the Triple Warmer meridian which governs our fight or flight response, reduces irrational fear, soothes the body and mind.  You can place the hand that you’ll be tapping on over your heart chakra (between your chest)

  • Starting with your left hand, tap the point between your little finger and ring finger (see photo), using 2 or 3 fingers, do this for around 30 to 60 seconds (or 4 deep in and out breaths).  
  • Make sure you are breathing in a conscious, slow and controlled manner, in through your nose and out through your mouth.  
  • Switch hands and do the same again.

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The full monty

If you’re feeling inspired to learn more about the full sequence of tapping, you can get a long and short sequence by email request to healthyhuman360@gmail.com

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