Reiki was used with *Lisa to support both an emotional and physical healing need.

Lisa came to me after an emotionally difficult year, which included family illnesses and the death of two of her closest family members.  Lisa had also recently had an accident, which had left her with a large swelling and pain in her legs.   

Lisa had been striving to stay emotionally strong for her family and this had resulted in suppressing her own emotions and wellbeing needs.  The 30 minute reiki session helped to release the blocked emotion.  It is a well known psychological fact that we cannot move on or heal until the emotions we are holding down have been acknowledged and released.

Lisa came back the following week for a second reiki session, this time for 50 minutes.  The longer treatment allowed me to undertake some additional focused work on the swelling and pain in Lisa’s legs.  Within 48 hours the swelling had shrunk and Lisa was already feeling much brighter.

Lisa came for two more sessions, on different days, the week after; one reiki and one aura and chakra healing.  Once again, the reiki worked across the whole body with additional focus on the specific emotional and physical needs.  In reiki treatments for healing it is good practice to treat the whole body as we can never know if the root cause sits elsewhere, or where blocked emotions and physical issues may have manifest themselves.  The aura and chakra healing sessions works to remove negative energy and heal any issues with the flow of energy through and around our body.  This treatment is particularly effective for people who have experienced traumatic life events, or prolonged stress or emotional upset.  

The swelling continued to shrink, and Lisa’s emotional wellbeing recovered.

I feel like my old self again, even my family and friends have noticed a difference 

*Names have been changed to protect the client’s anonymity.

Supporting you to be your best and happiest self

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