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Alison offers a variety of healing options, which brings
all of her experience as a Reiki Master and Professional Therapist to combine energy, sensory, and psychotherapy techniques.  This is a powerful healing experience.
Your time with Alison aims to bring peace and joy into your life through using a combination of Reiki alongside several therapeutic interventions and techniques.

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The BRC provides all levels of Reiki Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Advanced Reiki training
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The BRC also offers Reiki attunements (placements) for personal use, ‘Reiki 4 Me’, refreshes and  upgrades to Holy Fire III..
You can also take your Crystal Reiki Practitioner training with Alison.

Once you have taken your training with Alison you will be invited to join a members only Facebook community – a safe space to discuss your progress, ask questions, be inspired, and access Reiki shares and swaps.  You will also have access to special treatment offers by Alison, not available outside this group.

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  • Keeping your MoJo beyond 40!

    As a woman in her 50th year, I’ve experienced that inevitable shift and change in my body.  It starts when you hit your 30’s and if you don’t watch out for it, that gain in weight, lack of flexibility, and loss of energy soon creeps in.  Today I’m proud to say I feel fitter and stronger than I did throughout the whole decade of my 40’s.  Since December I’ve lost 1.5 stones, dropped 25 inches, dropped a dress size (which is already nearly 2 dress sizes), and smashed my August goals already.  
    Here’s what I did and what you can do too.

  • The magic of Reiki

    Double blind science research projects have proved that Reiki is effective at healing.  Reiki works to raise the body’s energy frequency which promotes both mental and physical healing.  A beautiful form of natural healing that was developed in 18th century Japan by a Buddhist monk named Mikao Usui Sensei, Reiki is now used in hospices and hospitals to support patients to recover, ease pain or just to simply relax. Find out more about how Reiki works and how you can tap into this wonderful energy for yourself.

  • How to heal deeply

    We all experience difficult times in our life, whether that be loss, change, trauma or grief.  Working through or moving on from these situations can be a challenge on our own.  Our primitive brain want to keep us safe, and unwittingly it often keeps us stuck and locked down, emotionally.  I hear all of the time clients telling me they feel ‘drained emotionally’, ‘lost’, ‘disempowered’, ‘trapped’, and desperate to feel differently to how they do right now.  I want you to know that it is possible to find peace again, to be in harmony with yourself once again, and find joy in life.

  • How to recover the whole self from injury, major illness or surgery

    Having worked in the mental health sector of the NHS for over 13 years, I know that the larger proportion of focus is often around physical recovery, with little to no emphasis on emotional recovery. Beyond meditation and mindfulness, I have found that talking therapies such as psychotherapy and coaching are an essential part of recovery from emotional trauma.  It’s so important to be able to freely express what we’re going through to someone who won’t judge us, and is not emotionally involved in our lives.  Coming to terms with how you and your life is post injury or major surgery takes purposeful guidance, and time. 

  • Reiki healing experience

    Combining sensory, energy and psychotherapy techniques is both powerful and beautiful.  When I started my practice I would offer talking therapy and coaching separate to Reiki, however, over the years I learnt that the healing is far more profound when they are combined.  Healing mind and body sequentially.

    Julie (client), came to me feeling at the end of her tether, having already tried numerous other avenues to gain control over her anxiety and anger.   Psychologically, we know that feelings such as anxiety and anger are rooted in fear, however, this is rarely known to the client and often sits at a deep subconscious level. Julie’s journey was quite spectacular and I was humbled to be part of it with her.